Monday, October 25th, 2004

Triple Latte

by dennis at 1:30 pm in Retail

The ubiquitous coffee shop is planning on becoming more ubiquitous by tripling their number of stores worldwide.

customers are sometimes forced to journey more than two blocks to find one

They’re already across the street from each<>other!

Another characteristic is they [customers] are impatient.

Could it be the caffeine? The abstract from Psychopharmacology.

eBay Search of the Week

by dennis at 12:00 pm in eBay

This week’s eBay search is for Corn Cob Pipes. Maybe you need one for a Halloween costume - maybe for everyday use! I won’t tell.

While you’re enjoying your pipe, you can watch the birds and squirrels at your Iowa Corn Feeder.

The Consuminator’s eBay Search of the Week is just for fun. Search subjects are chosen by whim. Sometimes they turn up something interesting or useful.

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